Sunday, 31 May 2009

I made myself a promise some 16 years ago to save the building. I also had two other objectives, to create my family home and showcase what is possible to achieve on such a building to encourage others and also for me to maybe make a living at something I am good at. Well I have achieved all three, as reinforced by the several awards received in the last year and I still cant believe we are of to the RICS national finals in October against multi million pound projects.


  1. Hello Jon,
    It is great to hear you have achieved your objectives and that you are in the RICS finals. I had the pleasure of touring the house on your open day last October and found it inspiring. I am currently repointing my house with lime mortar after recently being made redundant and am contemplating working in building conservation. It is difficult to know how to start though in the current climate.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments,
    I agree, I suggest if you keep it low key finding work for a person going is far easier than for a team as I have.
    Where abouts are you?

  3. I'm just up the road at Farrington Gurney. It would be good for me to get some experience on a local project, I am prepared to do voluntary work if necessary to make contact with the right people. Any advice you may have is most welcome.

  4. Ok, If you want to email me through the link on my site I think I can put you in touch with another lime specialist who may be able to help you.