Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Well I am in the throes of cleaning all of the shards of pottery, glass and other artefacts found in and around the house whilst working here. It would seem that hopefully a group will arrive later next month and identify the majority for us. At a quick glance it would appear the oldest item is contemporary with the building so i am guessing it was a virgin site at that time although I shall await the outcome of the visit.

We also have many snack wrappers left from the original builders bones and oyster shells.

We did find some shoes down the well and a pitchfork.

This is one of the final episodes to undertake identifying these items.

I do hope to soon get to the archives to learn more about the history of the building too.

We have at least two local groups now coming to examine our spoils and identify them.

It would seem that there is no archaeology older than the building, however I believe that the site was stripped clear of all soil, quarried to create cellars and culverts which would then provide well over half the building stone for the project. The net result of this was it would have removed all earlier evidence.

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